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Cutting Board + Apron Bundle

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Handmade cotton aprons and pot holders paired with handmade hardwood cutting boards.

Varied rich hardwoods arranged in a stunning pattens. Use as a an extra-special cutting board or serving board. The chamfered edges complement the patterns beautifully, and the boards look fabulous on any counter or table.

Saint Mack Cutting Board Benefits:

  • Varied Hardwoods
  • End Grain Butcher block featuring: sustainably sourced solid end-grain walnut. A true workhorse in the kitchen, this expertly handcrafted board handles all types of cutting, carving or cleaving. Accented with integrated inset handles, the board is the most knife friendly.
  • Edge Grain Butcher block boards feature: extra-strength construction in beautiful edge-grain walnut, ash and cherry woods. Rich natural contrasts in tone render each chopping board unique. Accented with integrated inset handles, the boards are reversible and knife friendly. A great prep station that translates well to the table or buffet.
  • All cutting board purchases include complimentary 4 oz. board butter for preserving the natural beauty of your cutting board
  • Food-grade Mineral oil finish
  • Hand wash
  • Handmade in Austin, TX